While the Idaho State Board of Education contemplates extending the "soft closure" orders at Idaho schools, districts around the state have made changes to help students continue their education. Here is a list of what school districts around our area are planning.

Boise School District 

According to Idaho News, the Boise School District has begun their online learning system yesterday. They've posted more information for parents on their Learning and Essential Services website; including details on packet pickups for those families who do not have internet access. The site also details different locations where families can receive meals for their kids during the shutdown.

West Ada School District

For kids in the West Ada School District, they will begin an online learning platform on April 13.. Idaho News provides a more detailed description of the district's plans HERE.

Nampa School District

Nampa School District has begun its online learning platform today and will continue to do so as long as schools. They have all the information regarding distance learning and additional resources for families HERE.

Caldwell School District

In Caldwell, teachers and administrators are working to get their online learning services kicked off by early April. In the meantime, they're asking parents to continue practicing their parent-directed learning until the district provides more info.

Mountain Home School District

Online learning platforms have already kicked off at schools in the mountain home school district.

Kuna School District

In Kuna, schools are preparing to go to an online learning platform on April 6. Materials will be available for pickup or download on Wednesday, April 1.

Vallivue School District

For students enrolled in Vallivue schools, they will begin teacher-directed learning through an online platform on April 13.

Middleton School District

Formal online instruction is scheduled to begin on April 6. Teachers and administrators will be reaching out to parents this week with more details.

Emmett School District

While there were no details on their website, parents should be receiving emails from the administration, according to Idaho News].

Weiser School District

In Weiser, students will begin their online learning on Wednesday, April 1.

Payette School District

According to KBOI, "Light learning is scheduled to begin slowly this week. The district will be helping students engage with content and programs. The State and District expectation is for students to ‘attend’ to studies daily, completing study, accomplishing assignments and engaging with the school community."

Melba School District

Melba's online learning platform (known as MOLE) began yesterday and parents can visit the district's webpage for more information.

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