I've seen just about every wildlife confrontation imaginable in Yellowstone National Park, but I've never seen one quite like this. Instead of wolves, bears, elk or bison, I've found a Yellowstone showdown of the feathered variety. It shows 3 eagles who tried to capture a lone duck. "Tried" is the key word in that sentence.

This video was shared last year from Yellowstone, but I believe the encounter goes back even further than that. It's brand new to me and seems to have flown (no duck/eagle pun intended) under a lot of people's radar as it hasn't been viewed much. It begins with 2 eagles arguing and then transitions to a grand total of 3 eagles who try to attack/capture/dethrone a duck. All this is missing is Looney Tunes cartoon music.

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Maybe I don't leave the house enough, but I didn't realize that eagles and ducks were such notorious adversaries. Ducks Unlimited shared a hilarious story called "Danger from Above". I'm sure the writer didn't intend it to be funny since they're obviously fans of ducks, but as an advocate for eagles (unofficially) I got a few chuckles out of the drama portrayed as their beloved ducks were preyed upon from above. My wife loves eagles, so... Check out this description and see if it makes you laugh too:

Imagine a living missile armed with long, sharp hooks and guidance systems locked onto you, coming out of the sky at nearly 200 miles per hour.

Are we still talking about ducks or is this a synopsis for the new Top Gun movie? It is an interesting article that talks about how some ducks in areas heavily visited by eagles will adjust their feeding to the night to avoid detection from our national bird.

Back to the Yellowstone duck/eagle fiasco, you have to admire the tiny duck using his submarine capabilities to avoid the eagle and their talon grab attempts. Well done, Daffy.

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