A new addition to our family!

Meet Rosey! Rosey is a mix between a white golden and a red golden, so naming her Rosey like a wine seemed only appropriate.

After the sudden death of our 6 year old Golden Retriever, Mimi I was nowhere near wanting another puppy or dog but sometimes the unexpected just happens. A friend of mine stumbled upon a litter and I was a little "eh" but my husband was very intrigued and coincidently another friend also had connections to the same litter and well, everything just started to piece together. I knew if we met the puppies, game over... I mean you don't say "no" to a Golden puppy.

So here we are! Rosey is 10 weeks old and has the sweetest temperament. She has settled in as she torments our other dog, Nike and terrorizes every toy she can get her little mouth on.

Mimi still had a few toys hiding around the house that I never had the heart to touch or move from where she left them, it was bittersweet when Rosey came trotting out into the living room one day with toys she had found which of course were Mimi's. Tears filled my eyes but I let her play them, as much as I miss Mimi I know her sweet spirit still lives on. We see a lot of Mimi in Rosey and that has brought me some peace and it makes my heart smile.

Welcome to our family little Rosey, we love you and you've been a fun and exciting addition!



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