Tonight's Mega-Millions Lottery Jackpot is over $500 Million! Here's what I am going to do with it when I win!

I love it when someone wins cash, and they get asked "What are you gonna do with that money?!?!?!?!"

Er-meh-gerhd! Stop asking that question, because the standard answer is..."I don't know...probably pay some bills and take a vacation!"

So, when I win tonight's Mega-Millions are ten things I am going to do.

1 - Hire Garth Brooks to come to Boise and play a free concert for our Wow Country 104.3 listeners.

2 - Set up a scholarship for graduating high school seniors that want to learn about radio, communications, marketing and broadcasting that can be used at whatever school they choose to go to.

3 - Pay off someone else's bills before I pay off my own. Someone that really deserves it because all of their life they've been a good person that had some bad luck, but never blamed it on anyone or anything else. Someone that would never ASK for this to happen, but deserves it just the same.

4 - Make sure my kids and grand kids have some money in their savings in case of bad times.

5 - Make a big donation to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to help put an end to childhood cancer.

6 - Hire Garth Brooks to come back to Boise and play another free concert for Wow Country 104.3 listeners.

7 - Have my "man mid-life crisis" and buy me an expensive sports car or a vintage restored muscle car.

8 - Come up with more things to do with the $500+ Million I am going to win tonight, and then...maybe....MAYBE...I'll pay some bills.

So....what would YOU do with that kind of money if YOU won? Because it never hurts to dream.

Good luck tonight!

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