Now know the top overall costume for Idaho and candy but what is the number one thing overall we are googling for Halloween?

CenturyLinkQuote were curious what Americans were searching this Halloween season. First off it freaked me out that Illinois is googling razor blade in Halloween candy until I realized in the article that back in 2012 there was an incident where a father did find a razor blade in his daughters candy. Wisconsin is the one of the homes of many massive pumpkin farms so no surprise they are searching carving ideas but also finding out they held a unique underwater pumpkin carving contest. Quite a few states are googling sugar free candy.

For Idaho we are googling Pumpkin Carving the most this spooky season, yes those different and unique ways to carve pumpkins are top of mind here. It's time to dress up, eat drink and be merry... oh and carve pumpkins!

Check out the full map here.




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