We just sent Nicole Smith off to the Route 91 Harvest Country Festival in Las Vegas! Now YOU have the chance to win up to $5,000 a day with Rick and Carly's Cash Code!

Starting Monday morning at 7:20 am, Rick and Carly will give you the first of many "cash code" words to come. There will be THREE different code words each weekday. Don't worry, you'll have 6 chances each day to hear all three words!

Here's how it will work. Listen each weekday to Wow 104.3. We'll give out "cash code" words at the following times (times approximate - give or take a minute or two).

  • 7:20 am       Code Word 1
  • 10:20am      Code Word 1
  • 1:20pm        Code Word 2
  • 3:20pm        Code Word 2
  • 5:20pm        Code Word 3
  • 7:20pm        Code Word 3

Every code word you enter will be another chance to win up to $5,000 cash - every weekday!  Somebody will win cash every day, so it's important to get all three words and enter them every day! The more you listen to Wow Country 104.3, the more chances you have to win up to $5,000 every day!

Not only that, you'll also be entered into a drawing for a trip to the CMA Awards in Nashville, where you'll walk the red carpet with all the country stars going to the show! How cool is that?

So listen for your chance to win! It's from Universal Music Group, Corwin Ford, family driven for over 100 years, and the station #1 for cash, concerts, and new country fun!

Wow Country 104.3! Good luck!

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