Featured as one of the best, can’t-miss attractions for your bucket list by The Travel and many other publications, Shoshone Falls is yet again at the top of many traveler’s lists for 2023, especially because the water levels are going to be so high!

Can you believe it's already nearing the end of April? Me either, but you know what that means?! Shoshone Falls is about to be the most amazing place to visit in Idaho! It’s been said that Spring is the best time to go. Keep scrolling for details and more awesome things to do in Twin Falls 👇

Other times of the year, the water levels are typically much lower, but right now the water levels are high, and I don't even think we're prepared for how beautiful Shoshone Falls is going to be this Spring! (Especially for the Shoshone Falls After Dark this month and next month!)

After a long and seemingly never-ending Winter here in Idaho, I think it's safe to say that most of us are feeling like getting the heck out of dodge — so it's not a bad idea at all to take a fast trip to Twin Falls for the amazing Shoshone Falls (day or night) and the other amazing things Twin Falls has to offer.

Twin Falls is less than 2 hours away from Boise, and totally worth the drive! Keep scrolling for 4 Reasons Why Twin Falls is One of the Best Places to Visit in Idaho and ALL 7 Wonders of Idaho and more 👇

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