Have you ever been to “ghost pepper” territory? After eating one of those, people have reported being able to see through time. When it comes to hot peppers, how hot is too hot? Find out, Wednesday, September 13th. Enter the Hot Chili Pepper Eating Contest at the Caldwell Farmers Market, and you could win $100!

You’ll be given a succession of hot peppers, each hotter than the last (in order of hotness: Jalapeño (around 3500 Scoville Units), Serrano, Habanero…and if it gets that far, Ghost Pepper—about a million Scoville Units), and the winner will be the person to eat the hottest pepper, the whole thing, without quitting, holding up the bare stem when done. If you quit, a glass of milk will be handy for you to douse the flames.

Yes, you’ll have to sign a release form. Peppers can be dangerous.
You will have to pay $10 to enter.
You have to swallow the chili pepper. Spitting it out will disqualify you.
Drinking your milk before the contest is over will disqualify you.
Complaining that someone else’s pepper is smaller than yours may disqualify you. They try to make sure all peppers are about the same size, but you must eat the pepper given to you (they claim “Act Of God” on this one).
Payment is non-refundable.
The contest starts at about 5p this Wednesday, September 13th.

The winner gets $100 and a bottle of Tums, and all contestants will be treated to ice cream from Gem In & Out (is Flame Retardant a flavor?).

The Caldwell Farmers Market runs Wednesdays from 3-7p, where you can buy the freshest of produce and baked goods from around the area.

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