The coronavirus pandemic has caused some serious life changes over the last several months. Everyone has adjusted as they were quarantined in their homes or practicing social distancing.

We decided to hold the Pandemic Bonesy's for you all to help us decide the best things to come out of this whole pandemic. Now we have all of the winners, here they are:

  • Favorite Drink While Quarantined: Wine
  • Best Use Of Technology During The Quarantine: Home radio broadcasting kits so The Bobby Bones Show can stay on air.
  • Best Binge Watched Show: Tiger King
  • Most Unexpected Time Killer: Cooking
  • Best Board Game During Quarantine: Monopoly
  • Best Food To Have Delivered During Quarantine: Pizza
  • Business/Service We've Missed The Most: Hair Salons
  • Best Food To Make At Home During Quarantine: Cookies
  • (Other Than Your Phone) The Thing You'd Be Lost Without: Your pets
  • Grocery Store Item We Didn't Care About & Now We'd Kill For It: Toilet Paper
  • The Overall Thing You Are Glad You Have While Quarantined: Pets

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