Well, the good news is gas has gone down in Idaho just slightly within the last week.

The bad news is gas prices are still way too high! And Idaho happens to be among the higher-priced states for gas...

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Numbers current as of April 11, 2022

Stacker created a breakdown of the numbers — How gas prices have changed in Idaho in the last week.

They said, “Stacker compiled statistics on gas prices in Idaho using data from AAA. Gas prices are current as of April 11. State gas tax data is from World Population Review. Rising gas prices have caused financial hardship for 50% of Americans, according to an ABC News/Ipsos poll released over the weekend, with about one in five people reporting that burden as serious or severe.”

So ... what did they have to say about Idaho?

Idaho is currently at an average price of $4.40 per gallon, which is $1.33 more expensive than last year this time. As for our gas tax, that is $0.33 per gallon which is the 14th highest in the nation, according to Stacker.

Here are the 7 most expensive cities in Idaho for purchasing gas.

You'll Have to Pay More for Gas in These 7 Idaho Cities

Numbers by Stacker, Current as of April 11, 2022

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