Idaho is God's Country!  We all know that.  It's beautiful, the people are great, economy's booming, restaurants, culture, sports, mountains, rivers, you name it... we've got it.  Some of the BEST cities in America are right here in Idaho, but... some of the most boring cities as well.  Here's the top 10:


These are the Top 10 Most Boring Cities in Idaho according to  The study results were based on which cities have the oldest residents and the cities that have the most people married with kids.  I guess that makes me boring.  I'm married and I have 5 kids!  Whoah!!  I must be extra boring.


10.  Garden City

9.  Hailey

8.  Rathdrum

7.  Lewiston

6.  Star

5.  Middleton

4.  Preston

3.  Weiser

2.  Hayden

1.  Eagle


I guess there's a lot of old and married people in Eagle.  Before you get too upset if you see your beloved backyard on the "not so fun" list, keep in mind that no personal opinions were used to classify a city "boring" or "exciting".  they simply crunched actual numbers to figure out which towns are statistically more boring.