The list of the 50 fastest-growing brands published by Yelp in 2024 provides an interesting insight into the changing consumer preferences in the American market. This year, the list is dominated by challenger brands that are disrupting their respective industries. These innovative brands make up more than 70% of the list, indicating a significant shift towards companies that offer unique and differentiated experiences.

What do you think the fastest growing brand is in Idaho?

CAVA, a Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant, has captured consumers' hearts with its healthy and flavorful dining options. The brand's 72 new locations in 2023 and 54% surge in consumer interest reflect the growing demand for health-conscious dining options.

In Idaho, where people are increasingly opting for healthier food options and artisanal coffee shops, the state's preference for something more traditional sets it apart. Olive Garden, with its comforting carb-heavy dishes and unlimited breadsticks, embodies the state's desire for consistency and comfort in a world where culinary trends are constantly changing. However, Olive Garden is not the only brand that has experienced growth in the state. We have listed the top 5 brands below.

Olive Garden... Really? The fastest-growing brand in Idaho? Next year will it be In-N-Out?

Yelp has curated an interesting list that combines the net new business openings, increased customer interest, and growing searches from 2022 to 2023. This approach aims to highlight the brands that are achieving significant physical expansion and those that are capturing the imagination and loyalty of customers through meaningful engagements and increased visibility. You can see the entire country's fastest-growing brands on Yelp. 

The Top 5 Fastest-Growing Brands In Idaho

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