Every year at this time, accidents boost tremendously and a lot of them are fatal.  After years and years of seeing this horrible trend, people have started dubbing this the 100 deadliest days on Idaho roads.  

The most fatalities on the roads occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, that's why the Idaho Transportation Department has implemented a campaign that wants to see zero fatalities on Idaho's highways this summer.  The campaign, unfortunately, didn't help us much last summer with more than 100 deaths on Idaho roads but let's hope we can all get at least a little better in this area.

"From 100 to 0" encourages drivers to follow these rules to avoid crashing.

  • Don't follow too closely
  • Don't speed
  • Be sure to check your blind spot
  • Never driver under the influence.
  • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Don't drive distracted

Stronger police presence will be on the streets that have more of a reputation of distracted and aggressive drivers so, at the very least, slow down and be careful so you don't get a ticket.

Memorial Day is tomorrow.  It's a day we should all spend thinking of those that lost their lives defending our country.  It's a day we should all spend together as a family, as friends, and enjoy the freedoms all of these men and women have given us.  The last thing anyone should be doing is mourning the death of someone close to them because of distracted, aggressive, or just flat out bad driving.  Let's have a good start this year.  Drive safe and Happy Memorial Day.

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