KTVB reports that the Treasure Valley Metro Violent Crime Task Force just busted 12 different Aryans that made up two different gangs here in the Treasure Valley for drugs and possession of unlawful firearms.  A total of 13 people who are part of either the Aryan Knights or Severely Violent Criminals gangs are being charged but one of the members is on the run.  His name is John Alan Redfern.  He's a 48-year-old man from Boise.

Here are the members charged in this bust...

-Tyler James Campbell, 34, of Boise

-Jesse Everett Ford, 43, of Kuna

-Brian Cade Humphreys, 45, of Meridian

-Jeremy Caine Lyons, 40, of Meridian

-Jason Schepers, 33, of Caldwell

-Kristen Decker (aka Kristen Walz,) 39 of Boise

-Jennifer Lee Sayer, 34, of Boise

-Kimberly Ann Hale, 39, of Meridian

-John Alan Redfern, 48, of Boise

-Frank Lee Gorrell, 40, of Boise

-Angela Marie Sheldon (aka Angela Marie Junkert,) 43, of Boise

-Keith Anthony Murphy, 28, of Boise

-Cameron James Ball, 31, of Boise

The U.S. Attorney Bart Davis had this to say about the indictments...

The Aryan Knights and Severely Violent Criminals were powerful prison and street gangs operating throughout Idaho.  I am confident with these arrests our streets, our communities and our state are safer. I am also confident these gangs' street operations are substantially weakened."

For anyone that has knowledge or comes across knowledge of the whereabouts of Redfern, please contact authorities immediately.