It was all hands on deck this morning as the Wilder Police Department reached out to the public for help in finding 14-year-old Jasmyne Olenik who had been missing since yesterday.  The last she was seen was at her school (Wilder High) and it was believed that she was with 35-year-old convicted felon Hector Flores Arias.  According to KTVB, Arias is on parole and has a record of domestic violence and drug possession. A bit of a scary situation to say the least.

Authorities are giving next to NO information as to where Jasmyne was found but they have been hinting that she did leave Wilder High with Arias.  No word on if that was voluntary or not.  Police still have not found Arias and are asking the public to please be on the lookout.  He's wanted for questioning.  If you see or know anything please contact the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 454-7531.  The most important thing is that Jasmyne is safe. :)

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