Pets are important to their owners and love them like their blood-related relatives. That's why when we saw a Boise woman asking for the public's help in reuniting her with her service animal, we had to do something.

We have a soft spot for lost pets

Recently, one of us messed up and left the door at home open causing the family cat to run away.

Spoiler alert: it was this author.

One of the hardest things about it was seeing the kids upset and walking up and down the street calling for the cat. Hearing their little voices yelling "Where are you buddy?" has to be one of the most gutwrenching feelings ever.

Since then, we saw a post from a woman named Chelcey in the Facebook group, Boise Bench Dwellers looking for her fur child and it absolutely broke our hearts.

Okay so.. Someone has had my dog now for almost a year due to me being incarcerated and I know it’s a super long shot but she’s my service animal and I REALLY need her back..

You have to give Chelcey credit for being honest about the situation. She adds that she doesn't want to keep the people who might currently be with the dog away from it.

I have no issue with y’all staying in her life and having play dates and possibly paying you for taking care of her but PLEASE, like I said I really need my babygirl Zoe Z back.. I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old and she turns 8 this year! If anyone has ANY information please contact me ! She was on Orchard and Targee by Hillcrest Elementary !

When we reached out to the owner, she gave us permission to share her story along with a few of these photos of Zoe.

Courtesy of Chelcey C.
Courtesy of Chelcey C.

"She’s super sweet, LOVES attention, good with other animals," Chelcey shared.

"I’ve had her for so long and we’ve been through so much together that not having her is literally like missing a child to me."

Chelcey C.
Chelcey C.

Chelcey isn't the only one missing her pup, Zoe either.

"I got her [for] my daughter's first birthday so they grew up together. They’re both the same age and she misses her dog just as much as I do. She’s my emotional support animal as well so having her is really important."

If you have any information as to Zoe's whereabouts, Chelcey says you can reach her on Facebook or you can email any info you might have to Chelcey here.

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