We've had 141 earthquakes over the past week here in Idaho and experts are saying it all may end with a destructive 7.0 magnitude quake that could take a lot of lives.


There were 25 earthquakes on Wednesday, 20 on Tuesday, 28 on Monday, 34 on Sunday, and 34 last Saturday.  That's a grand total of 141 earthquakes all in our beloved Idaho.


Most of these happened in the Caribou County area which is close to Soda Springs, Idaho.  Idaho is a hot spot for seismically active area so none of this is a surprise and almost all of these quakes are harmless.  The scary part is that according to the Idaho State Journal, these quakes may be the beginning of a huge 7.0 quake that does major damage.


The good news is that experts are saying this is highly unlikely.  Possible but unlikely.  Idaho State University geologist Dr. David Pearson says the Idaho locations that are most likely to be hit by the "Big One" if it comes are Caribou County, Fremont, Teton, Oneida, Franklin and Bear Lake counties, southeast Bannock County and eastern Bonneville County.


Earthquakes should be prepared for just like fires, floods, and any other natural disaster we may experience.  It's not something we should just ignore and pretend it won't happen.  It always happens.  It's just a matter of when.  Be prepared!