Who does this garbage? Someone smashed out 24 windows in the North End of Boise. Did you see anything?

Police suspect that golf balls did the damage and that they were either launched or thrown at the windows. The reason for the vandalism on Friday night is still to be determined but the homes seem to be targeted very specifically.

According to KTVB the criminals hit up homes on West Ranch Road, East Hearthstone Drive, West Villa Norte Street, East Braemere Road, South Sweetgrass Way, and East Warm Springs Avenue.

So far police have no idea who did this so if you have any information please contact authorities and if you think you too may be a victim of this crime spree you are encouraged to step forward.

I have never understood this kind of senseless crime. What are the people who did this getting out of it? Is it just for the thrill? Hopefully cops catch up to them as soon as possible.