There's one thing I have noticed throughout the Treasure Valley that the same restaurants are in the top 5 for this, the top 5 for that, or on the list of 20 best restaurants in Boise. So it's great that we have restaurants that continue to be great locations for us to enjoy in our community, I frequent those places because it's what I know, and I know the product I get will be good.

I'm all about discovering new places to eat, unique atmospheres to enjoy, and new people to meet. I came across a discussion on Facebook where people were discussing restaurants in the Treasure Valley flying under the radar. 

If you know of a restaurant in the Treasure Valley that more people need to know about, please email me at 

Like most, it's a matter of reviews and convenience when looking for a new place to eat, right? So people turn to Yelp or Google to find somewhere with high ratings and close to where they are. 

It's time to leave your comfort zone and enjoy other local businesses. 

The businesses below are all over the Treasure Valley. Some offer breakfast, others are food trucks, and one is about 50 minutes from Boise. Don't let a long drive stop you from supporting local because we all know that communities are better off with more substantial locally-owned businesses. 

I know more than just these five establishments are flying under the radar, so I encourage you to reach out and let me know about these restaurants. 

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