Here are three Christmas traditions you need to try!


  • Magic Reindeer Food

    Ever wonder how Santa and his reindeer find your house in the dark every year? Rudolph’s nose certainly helps, but even he needs a little help finding his way.  That’s where these sparkling oats come in! Sparkle them on your lawn and their gleam in the moonlight will help the reindeer guide Santa’s sleigh to your home! For this tradition, simply fill a little container with dry oatmeal and mix in a healthy dose of glitter.  This year I used little sacks that I found at Hobby Lobby and ironed on the words “Magic Reindeer Food,” a reindeer and snowflakes.  When you give the kiddos whatever you decide to fill with the feed, read them this little poem (or print it out for them!)

    “Sprinkle on the lawn at night. The moon will make it sparkle bright. Santa’s reindeer fly and roam.  This will help them find your home!”

  • Christmas Pickle

    Misty tells us that the one thing she absolutely hates about Christmas morning is listening to her tribe squabble over who gets to open the first present.  To solve the problem, her family uses the tradition of the “Christmas Pickle.”  When Santa drops presents off on Christmas Eve, he hides a pickle ornament that’s the same color as the tree’s needles somewhere on the Christmas Tree.  On Christmas Morning, anyone in the family who wants to open the first present signs up for the “Pickle Race.”  A line of masking tape is placed on the floor and each contestant lines up behind it together.  When the referee screams go, its every good little boy and girl for themselves! The person who finds the pickle gets to open the first gift!

  • Santa Trap

    Shirley says her husband loves to tease the grandchildren with their “Santa Trap.”  One year he claimed that he was tired of that son of a gun breaking into his home every year, so he was going to trap him.  In the past, grandpa made it look like Santa’s boot had gotten stuck in the chimney flue or snapped his fingers in a mouse trap that was set with milk and cookies. In the battle of jolly old men, who wins? Grandpa or Santa? Santa’s got a perfect record, always leaving behind a note that says “Better luck next year, suckers!” While the idea initially scared the grandchildren, they loved it the very first year when they realized that Santa got about five years.