Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their new baby "Chicago," but we feel like some Idaho towns would've made a way better name...

It's ok if you missed the story. Honestly, we did too. It's 2018, and a "shocking baby name story" isn't really shocking anymore. We're honestly surprised they didn't pick an even weirder name. Naming your baby after the city you grew up in isn't all that peculiar, right?

Well, if Kanye West was born in one of these Idaho towns, we think little baby Chicago would have a much cooler name:

Jamie McCarthy / Getty
Jamie McCarthy / Getty


Star West. It's got a right to it, right? Maybe this one is cheating, since there are thousands of women in America already named Star. We're gonna have to try harder.


Coeur d'Alene

While the name is pretty familiar to most Idahoans, Coeur d'Alene really does have a pretty exotic ring to it. Maybe we could call her Cord for short. Or, maybe not. This is more difficult than we thought.



It would sound pretty good, right? Feminine but strong, a young lady named Dayton would definitely stand out. Sorry if you already named your baby Payton. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.



Wouldn't it be so cute to be able to say "Who? Me? Oh, my name's McCall." You know all your girlfriends would swoon with jealousy because their parents named them something plain like Martha or Jackie.



Remember Eleanor from the Chipettes? Leadore is pretty adorable, admit it. She'd definitely be prom queen, or at least a girl scout troop leader.


Those are just some of our ideas. Chicago just doesn't feel very fun to us. Think you can tell the difference between real Idaho city names and ones we made up? Take the test!

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