If you're new to the Treasure Valley and haven't taken in a Boise State football game, then you're missing a piece of Boise. Here are 5 things you will find out at your first game!

We don't have an NFL team here, and I'm not sure that even if we did, they would draw any better than our Boise State Broncos. People who have never been to Boise have a hard time understanding why this city loves the Broncos. Here are five things you will find out at your fist Bronco game.

1 - WEAR THE COLOR YOUR SUPPOSED TO WEAR FOR THAT GAME: Wait, the colors are blue and orange, and once in a while, white, right? Yes, but for each home game the Bronco Nation follows a specific color scheme for the section you'll be sitting in. For instance, this Thursday night against New Mexico, it's an orange out, which means EVERYONE wears ORANGE. Next home game it will be something different. You can see that chart HERE.

2 - BRONCO NATION IS LOUD: When 15,000+ people on one side of the stadium yell "BOISE!" and the other 15,000+ people on the other side of the stadium answer with "STATE!" and then they repeat it several times...it's LOUD! It's also a bit intimidating to visiting teams, which is among the reasons the Broncos have one of the best at-home records in the NCAA.

3- BRONCO NATION IS LOYAL: Sure, it's easy to be loyal to a winning program, but the Bronco Nation has been loyal to the Broncos through the lean years as well. It's easy to get used to 10 + wins a season, but to stay loyal in the 7-5 seasons, or the 6-6 seasons says something. Maybe the loyalty is another reason those "lean" years are far and few between.

4- YOU CAN STILL SEE THE BRONCOS ON THE BLUE: If you've not heard it, you will. "Boise State has such an unfair advantage on that blue field because it's hard to see them!" Stop already...it's not hard to tell which team is which when you're at a Bronco game at Albertson Stadium.

5- BRONCO FANS ARE FRIENDLY: Some teams have fans that torment and taunt fans from the visiting teams. We've heard one school has fans that throws potatoes at Bronco fans as they walk through the parking lot to the game field. Not here in Boise. It's not uncommon to see fans of the visiting teams hanging out with people wearing their Bronco colors, sharing a burger and a beer at their tailgate party.

There are several other things you'll learn at your first Bronco game as well, like the fact that we have a real horse that gallops along the sidelines when we score. We have Z the tee dog, that races on to the field and grabs the kick-off tee and races back to the sideline. We have a group of cheerleaders that do push-ups for every touchdown, and more.

Bottom line - Bronco football is one of the things that ties our community together, and for 13 weeks in the fall, we all are family.

Good luck Broncos!

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