Let's be honest, being stuck at home with the people you love can be tough. It doesn't have to be that way. Here's 5 ways for you to improve your relationship while you are stuck at home. 

We need to get away from this horrible statistic by The Guardian,  that says domestic violence calls have surged by 700% since the lock down order. I can't even think about what it's done regarding child abuse.

I'll admit, my boyfriend and I have fought more during this period of time than we ever have before, but I'm very fortunate , and we deal with our arguments in a constructive way.

Take this opportunity to help your relationship thrive instead of suffer. Here's what I have learned along the way.

  1. Do different things for a good chunk of time. Work in different areas of the home. You will get sick of anyone if you are with them 24/7.
  2. Set aside special bonding time. If the kids are home, you may have less quality time together than ever before, but make it a priority. We set aside time from 6-8 p.m. every night to watch a show, talk, and romance.
  3. Make sure you get out of the house every day. It may just be going for a walk or doing some yard work, but sunshine will work wonders on your mood every time. You can choose whether you do this on your own or together. Whatever works for you .
  4. Accomplish a goal around the house that you have been putting off together. Clean out a closet together or work on something more fun, like building a fire pit in the backyard. You'll feel accomplished and it will build your relationship knowing you did it together.
  5. Set up a more luxurious stay-at-home date night once a week. Rent a movie, order take-out, and dress up just like you were going out on the town, but you have to stay inside.

BONUS: One last little piece of advice. Try to still look good for your partner, even if you are staying home. Trust me, he'll love you a little more if you get out of the sweats and take a shower!

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