According to KTVB, the Boise Police Department estimated more than 5,000 people on the steps of the Capitol Building in downtown Boise Saturday morning as Idahoans joined millions of people nationwide in the 'March For Our Lives' campaign which calls for stricter gun laws.

The movement was set off by the Florida shootings at Douglas High School where 17 people lost their lives to a gunman on a rampage.  5,000 people listened to music, threw out ideas, talked and listened to speeches from students, teachers and others on the steps of the capitol building.

Fortunately no school shootings have happened in Idaho but if things keep going the way they're going, it's a matter of when not if and that's what these people are trying to stop.  It doesn't much matter if you're for gun control or against it at this point... what matters is that we come together in peaceful situations and voice are opinions, brainstorm, ask questions, seek answers, and do our best to find solutions so that our children can not only be safe, but feel safe at school.

A special thanks to the Boise Police Department for keeping a watchful eye protecting everyone and allowing people the right to get together in a positive, productive manner.

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