It may often seem like nothing much happens in our quiet little state, but here's 7 times we made national news in a big way!

From swarms of bees, to a snake infested house, and flaming poop, Idaho gets to claim all of these national headline making stories!


  • Getty Images/ John Gentzel
    Getty Images/ John Gentzel

    A Semi of Bees Dumped on the Freeway

    It happened last year in Couer d'Alene. Over 400 hives were on board when the semi flipped over along I-90! Traffic was backed-up for miles and everyone was encouraged to keep their windows rolled up!

  • Getty Images/Dan Kitwood
    Getty Images/Dan Kitwood

    Idaho Declared it's the Center of the Universe

    Mayor Ron Garitone of Wallace, Idaho made the statement as a joke, but it stuck and now there is an official sign covering a man hole that says Wallace, Idaho is the center of the universe!

  • Getty Images/ Matt Cardy
    Getty Images/ Matt Cardy

    Snakes Infested a Rexburg Home

    Thousands of Snakes made home at house in Rexburg back in 2009. The homeowners, Ben and Amber Sessions could even hear the Garter Snakes in the walls! It was so bad, that the couple once killed 42 snakes in one day!

  • Getty Images/ David McNew
    Getty Images/ David McNew

    A Mans Poop Started a Wildfire

    This happened just last summer. A cyclist went #2 and ended up starting a wildfire in the Boise Foothills when he tried to burn his toilet paper instead of throwing it away. The result, a 70 acre forrest fire!

  • Getty Images/David McNew
    Getty Images/David McNew

    The Jackrabbit Invasion of 1981

    They seem so cute, but jackrabbits can cause major damage to crops and in 1981 a drive of jackrabbits got so bad that thousands ended up being killed.

  • Getty Images/ David McNew
    Getty Images/ David McNew

    The 300,000 Acre Soda Fire

    Just last year the Soda Fire which was caused by lightening forced the closure of HWY 95, forced residents indoor, made air quality horrible, and burned a massive 300,000 acres of vegetation.

  • Getty Images/ Steve Dykes
    Getty Images/ Steve Dykes

    It's Raining Beavers!

    In 1948, seventy-six wooden boxes with parachutes fell from the sky. Inside were beavers that were being redistributed to foster natural habitat maintenance.