Imagine having your friends over for a BSU Football game and then someone you know, busts the door down and shoots everyone killing 7 and leaving 2 others in critical condition.

This is the stuff you see on Lifetime or in the movies.  These are just stories we hear that make us sad but this was and is a reality for a sweet young girl who's no longer with us and many of her friends who were shot and killed as well.

According to KTVB 27-year-old Meredith Lane of Plano, Texas just divorced her husband.  Meredith was a good cook and loved having people over so she invited a bunch of friends to watch the Atlanta Falcons game on Sunday afternoon.  After that they were watching the Dallas Cowboys and that's when tragedy in the worst of ways struck.

Meredith's ex-husband stormed in with a gun shooting her and everyone else he could.  He ended up killing seven people before the police showed up.  The police killed the ex-husband bringing the death count to eight. Two others are fighting for their lives, both in critical condition.

Football season's a time for cheering, hoping, getting together and coming together as friends, fans, and family.  It should never go like this.  What happened in their 6 year marriage and what happened to this young man to make him so desperate and reckless with the lives of others we don't know.  We can only think, pray, and hope for the families of those innocent lives lost on Sunday.  May God be with them.