I've lived in Idaho for over three years and sometimes people say things to me that make me grit my teeth a bit. I've said things too that I now regret. If you're an implant like me, learn quickly. Here are 8 Things You Should Never Say to an Idahoan. 


  • 1

    Tell me about the potatoes!!

    I get it, we're known for potatoes. The problem is that Idaho is about so much more than that! Yes, we have super yummy fries and make a mean baked potato, but don't forget we have gorgeous rivers, trees, mountains, and waterfalls that trump the potato any day. I get sick of all the potato talk.

  • 2

    I-da-ho....Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

    Not only is this offensive, but it's the oldest joke in the book. We've all heard it a million times, so don't tell it again. We really don't want to hear it.

  • 3

    Do you drive your tractor to work?

    No, no one drives tractors on the roads around here. Okay, maybe way out in the boonies, but you are never going to see someone driving a tractor on the streets of Boise.

  • 4

    I've never been to Idaho or anywhere else in the Midwest

    I don't understand this. Did people not study geography in school. Just over the weekend, I was in Memphis, Tennessee and someone commented "I've never been to Idaho. In fact, I've never been anywhere in the midwest." The midwest?! Idaho is not Iowa or Ohio. How do full grown adults make this mistake? Baffles me.

  • 5

    Where do you go shopping?

    Alright, we don't live out in the sticks. We have legit stores like H&M, Target, JcPenny, major restaurants, the list goes on and on and on, but people often assume we have nothing here. People always ask me "where do you shop?"

  • 6

    Assuming that you hunt and fish

    I've never killed an animal in my life, ok maybe a fish, but I could count the number of fish I've killed in my life on one hand. To each his own if you hunt and fish, but it's not a requirement to be an Idahoan.

  • 7

    Oh I've been to Boise, it's right by Pocatello right?

    I had a friend from Utah tell me "My son is playing in a baseball tournament right by you, we'll come to visit!" Turns out it was in Pocatello. I've had similar things happen with Idaho Falls. Nope, those cities are on the completely opposite side of the state, so you can't come knocking on my door.

  • 8

    Once and for all, it's Boy-see Not Boizzzeee

    I was guilty of this when I first crossed the border, but if you say Boy-zee instead of Boy-see every Idahoan will roll their eyes at you and cringe.

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