Calling thrill-seekers in Boise! What if I told you that your next heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled adventure that you've been looking for is only 5 hours away from Boise?

We recently covered another adventure in the same area, in fact, these 2 adventures are literally right next to each other — and they're totally worth the drive. Take advantage of both, make the day-trip, and have at least one more big adventure before summer ends.

The first adventure that we mentioned was the Trams in Snowbird, UT. There, you can also find the Alpine slide — fun for the whole family!

However, we missed one CRAZY adventure that you should definitely know about...

Screenshot from Snowbird on YouTube
Screenshot from Snowbird on YouTube

The ZipWhipper at Snowbird!

At this attraction literally combines rock-climbing, ziplining, free-fall drops, and pendulum swings!

You can literally climb a massive rock wall, or get a lift, and then experience ziplining and a free-fall drop.

And don't worry, before you're dropped, they let you spend some time up there to take in the amazing views.

Parker Kane
Parker Kane

If you go, there are some important rules, though. Mainly, you must be age 7 or older, 45-78 inches tall, and between 50-260 pounds. Put on some closed-toed shoes, tighten the safety harness, secure your helmet, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

I get it, we're in Boise. This is quite the drive... but this is the ticket to an ultimate summer crescendo! We only have a few weeks left of summer, and this place is a day trip that offers loads of adventures to take advantage of before it's Fall/Winter. In which case, both Boise and Snowbird will become winter playgrounds.

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