If you use aluminum foil when you cook or grill, you may want to read this!

I use aluminum foil a lot when I grill. I use it to cover steaks, chicken, burger patties, pork chops and other cuts while I let the meat rest before we all chow down.

I also use it to make "grilling pans" for certain fish, like tilapia, rock fish, cod, and other fish that flakes apart easily on the grill. I HATE when that happens.

Now, if you can believe everything you read....some doctors are saying aluminum foil should NOT be used for those purposes. They....whoever...."they" is....say that the problem is aluminum foil's neurotoxic nature. Too much of anything can be bad for you, right? But they say too much of the toxin that aluminum foil puts off when subjected to high heat, could negatively affect brain function, and in some cases...maybe trigger the onset of Alzheimer`s disease. Oh, great.....said no one....ever.

Is the threat real? Maybe. I'm far from being able to dispute that kind of information based on what I do for a living. I do know that just to be safe, I may switch a few things up and find new uses for aluminum foil that don't involve grilling methods like I've been using.

You can decide for yourself if you think there is something to this story. I found that information posted HERE

Source: Poliside


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