MoneyWise recently created a list that shares what states Americans are leaving, and where they're moving to — Idaho is #9 on the list of where people are moving to.

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Yeah, I know... this probably doesn't come as a surprise to most of us because we've seen first-hand the extreme growth. But what's fascinating to learn about are the reasons WHY people are moving to Idaho.

Here’s what MoneyWise says...

“Contrary to popular belief, Idaho isn’t all farmland and potatoes — its IT job market in particular has been flourishing and the state’s Department of Labor also reported strong population and job growth last year."

"The low cost of living and abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities can make Idaho attractive to Americans seeking a more affordable lifestyle and open spaces as well.”

People are moving to Idaho for the Information Technology (IT) jobs. That’s really interesting! I was on a flight back from Tennessee last weekend, and I asked the guy sitting next to me on the plane if Boise was home. Here's what he replied...

"No, but it will be. I'm from Dallas and I'm only flying to Idaho for a tech conference thing in downtown Boise. Eventually, I'd like to move my family to Boise, though, it's a beautiful city and that's where my work is anyway."

So, not only is this the perfect place to escape to when you’re fleeing states like New York, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, or California (for obvious reasons)… but apparently there have been huge employment spikes in Idaho, too, and among the top jobs here are IT jobs attracting people from all over the country.

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