Idaho’s Economic Bounce Back Tops US
The struggle in Idaho currently is business' having a hard time filling positions. Restaurants and businesses have actually had to close or adjust their hours simply because they cant seem to get enough people hired.
Are Idaho’s McDonalds Workers Going on Strike?
McDonalds employees, more specifically the cashiers and cooks have been planning a strike around the country. Workers are expected to strike next Wednesday, May 19th. The strike is to fight for higher wages. Idaho has about 50 McDonalds through the state, around 20 in the Treasure Valley.
Over 100 Jobs Paying Over $50K Coming to Boise
There is a new building materials factory from The Azek Company taking over the old Shopko near the Boise airport. They are hiring over 80 jobs in the next year and over a hundred more shortly after. The positions are expected to pay at least $50,000 annually.
Idaho’s Economic Rebound One Of The Best In US
The report shows that Idaho continued to move forward and in turn has become one of the fastest economic recoveries in the country since spring 2020 rocked all of our worlds. During that time, Idaho hit historic unemployment levels. The good news, its bouncing back.
The Giant Amazon Center in Nampa is OPEN
Well we have all been watching this giant thing get built over the last year and heard all about the 2,000 new jobs becoming available for treasure valley job seekers and now the time has finally come. The official ribbon cutting ceremony was this morning and Nampa Major Debbie Kling was there along…

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