I don't know the FREAKIN' AREA CODE!....Why do I need the FREAKIN' AREA CODE?

Starting at 1:00 am on Saturday, August 5th you'll need to start dialing the area code when you call someone in Idaho. Why? Well...because we have run out of number combinations using the age old 208 area code.

So, starting Saturday, August 5th, the new area code (986) kicks in. According to ATT, the new area code will only be assigned to NEW phone numbers, so if you already have a phone, your area code will still be the good old 208. But!...you'll have to start dialing the area code and the phone number to make sure your call goes through.

I'm not sure even I fully understand it yet, so I am not going to try and explain it to you. That would be like me trying to do new math and being able to explain the real reason why 2 + 2 isn't really 4.

So, ATT has a handy dandy one sheet with it all explained in easy terminology. So read it....know it....LIVE it....and by all means....DIAL it.

Source: ATT

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