August is here and that means your disposable income probably isn't as disposable as it is in other months. Rodeos, fairs, concerts, back-school-shopping and football tickets (hello!) eat up a good portion of your money.

If you've got kids, you know back-to-school eats up a big portion of your income. Clothes, shoes, books, supplies, physicals (if they are into sports), band instruments, etc. Throw in tickets to the Caldwell Night Rodeo and the Western Idaho Fair, and you may be considering a part time job to help cover the bills this month.

BUT! If you are smart with your money, August can also be one of the BEST months to get some awesome deals.

  1. School supplies – It’s all about back-to-school deals this month. Watch for the specials!
  2. Kids’ Clothes – Again, back-to-school sales are happening right now.
  3. Laptops – For, you guessed it, back to school, a lot of laptops will be on sale this month. Did I mention watch the specials?
  4. Summer clothes – Fall styles are moving in … so grab those deals on shorts, tanks and bathing suits now. Check those clearance racks!
  5. Camping gear – With summer winding down, many retailers start to slash prices on tents, sleeping bags, and more. Umm....did I the specials?

You can see even more ways to save money and get great deals at

Source: Cheapism

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