Next time I dip my toes into the Boise River for a little float, swim or some fishing I may be a bit more hesitant than I used to be.


We've had pretty much everything here in Idaho when it comes to tall tale stories.  Bigfoot, lake monsters, chupacabras, and now someone's saying they've found alligators... in the Boise River!

The Honda Classic - Round Three
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16-year-old David Clinger says he found four baby alligators close to Barber Park, where, of course most of us kick off our floats when the water gets warm enough.  There's a couple problems with Clinger's story.  One... gators pretty much live in the southeast.  States like Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, some parts of Texas and a couple more.  Never in Idaho!  Two... Clinger has no proof.  No pictures, no gators, no eggs, no nothing.  Three... Clinger HAS NO PROOF!


I'm not saying its impossible but I am having a hard time buying this one.  Does that mean I'm not going to watch myself getting in and out of the raft this summer.  You're dang right I'm going to watch a bit more.  The movie JAWS put everyone one edge back in the 70's and it wasn't real either.  Still freaked us all out.


I'm not so sure gators live in rivers either... or cold water... they probably can I just know they like those warm damp swampy areas, right?


Keep an eye out.  You should always be aware of your surroundings and thinking about safety first anyway, and don't let something like this kid's tale stop you from having fun.  See ya on the river!

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