So, I’m aimlessly scrolling through TikTok the other night, (as everyone does, right?) and I see a video that has 355.8K likes, 53.3K shares, 4582 comments, and the hashtag — #idaho.

Nervous Duck Dynasty GIF By DefyTV

OF COURSE I’m gonna check it out! I wanted to see what all the hype was about, but even before watching the video, I checked the comments only to see that this was apparently quite the controversial video… and I can’t wait :)

Turns out, this was an epic and controversial prank video by @208ba on TikTok, who has since been banned from the platform — go figure! But I think his 2nd account is @208ba2.

Obviously, he now has less followers on the backup account, and the video that went viral isn't there — thank goodness we captured it here for you in the form of screenshots haha!

What makes this video so "controversial?" Well, that can be answered with two words...

It’s political.

Feels like anything political blows up on social media these days, but this one really is something. The comments were absolutely wild. Some enjoyed this video and some definitely did not. What do you think?

Did it make you laugh? LOL I definitely laughed. In my opinion, this is true comedy, and I personally really enjoyed the video. Keep scrolling for "Yellowstone Characters if They Were Towns in Idaho" and more 👇

Banned Idaho TikTok Video Still True! Did it Make You Laugh?

Yellowstone Characters if They Were Towns in Idaho

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We absolutely love it when the internet shines a little light on Idaho. Many people, it seems, can tend to forget that we exist and when we are acknowledged, it seems that there is always an entertaining insight into just WHAT exactly the outsiders think of the place we call home.
A video that is posted up on TikTok has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of users and we have to admit--this feels pretty spot on.

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