Simone Biles just won her 7th U.S. gymnastics title, she's headed for the Olympics, and she'll be in Boise this fall.  Starting next week, we can get behind the scenes with this inspirational powerhouse and see her in a whole new light.

When I watch Simone Biles perform and win championships, I can't help but think of how supportive her mom must have been, dropping her off at an endless number of practices and gymnastics meets when she was a kid, encouraging her when she didn't quite nail a landing, and helping her through ups and downs all the way to the Olympics.  The most successful people always seem to have the most solid supporters around them, and Simone Biles has some good ones!  The Undefeated said the extended Biles family does a weekly family dinner, attends church together, and they're always in the crowd watching when she competes.

A new docuseries called "Simone vs Herself" premieres Tuesday, June 15 on Facebook Watch, and it will give us a glimpse into her life that we've never had before. She dips into a pool during her downtime, thinks back to 2013 and reminisces about her first world medal, and mentally and physically preps for this summer's Tokyo Olympics.  It's a 7-part series that will lead up to the Olympic Games.

Simone Biles made history last weekend winning her 7th all-around title at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Fort Worth, Texas, and she also won the vault, balance beam, and floor exercise titles.  She was lights out and won the overall title with a score of 119.65.  The next closest competitor had a score of 100.25

I love strong, inspirational women, and I'm putting Simone Biles' example in my own daughters' path every chance I get.  She's amazing.  She's made the TIME 100 Most Influential, Forbes 30 Under 30, Ebony Power 100, and USA Today 100 Women of the Century, all before the age of 20.

The U.S. Olympic team trials are coming up June 24-27 in St. Louis and the Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to start July 23.  By the time Simone Biles gets to Boise for the Gold Over America Tour on October 1, she could have a lot more of that gold around her neck. Tickets for the tour are on sale now.

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