You never know what you're going to stumble across when you're scrolling through Reddit. Some of the questions that people post can be baffling. Then there are some questions that you have to stop and see what people have left in the comments. 

What was the question that inspired this article? 

"What Boise restaurant serves both pizza and fries?" You would have stopped to look at the comments. The person who posted this on Reddit continued, "I'm really craving an indulgent meal and am not sure what spot to check out. Ideally, not deep dish pizza, but I'm open to all suggestions." 

Bill A./Yelp
Bill A./Yelp

It's a combination that has never crossed my mind. Has it crossed yours? When you think about getting pizza, most people only think about that. You start to think about what toppings you want. If you're going get cheesy bread, garlic knots, and how big the pizza needs to be. 

If you're craving fries, you're thinking about going to your favorite spot and the different variations of the fries you can choose from, then dipping sauces. Unless you want some standard fries and ketchup, that's fine too. 

Photo by Somia Lone on Unsplash
Photo by Somia Lone on Unsplash

When you have the pizza and fry combo, do you have to think about the combination of having both? What pizza goes well with fries on the side? Do you switch from ketchup to Ranch as your dipping sauce so you can dip your pizza in the Ranch (if you are a person who likes Ranch with their pizza)? 

So where can you get pizza and fries at one spot? Let's take a look. 

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