Here in the Treasure Valley, the temperatures have been higher than average.

BUT, BUT BUT BUT, the snowpack in the mountains surrounding our offices here in Boise are holding a TON of snow still.

This got us thinking, what's the best way to get your winter-time kicks when it's deceptively spring-like?

Hit the hill!

Tubing takes absolutely no ability except for the ability to have fun. We know some of these aren't local to the Treasure Valley, but what're a few miles for a good time with good company. Hey, the weather being warmer than average just means the roads are clean, right!?

We've gathered a few of the agreed-upon favorite places to snow-slide in the Gem State, and we are making our end-of-winter plans accordingly.

See you out there!

Bogus Basin Credit Facebook

Our local (and personal favorite) mountain offers an incredible lodge facility, giant mountain terrain, but did you know they also offer top-notch tubing? Multiple runs are sure to have the whole family thrilled the whole day long. Be sure to reserve ahead of time though. Online reservations are required.

Hermit's Hallow

What Hermit's Hallows may lack in the number of tubing runs, the panhandle resort offers in quality. Regularly featuring massive snow accumulation, you just might get your first powder run while sitting on your keister at Hermit's Hallows.


SilverMountain Credit Facebook

Silver Mountain Resort - Kellogg, Idaho

Located in the snow-soaked Idaho panhandle, Silver Mountain Resort has four runs,   enjoying an average of more than 300 inches of snow per year.

The ACtivity Barn Credit Facebook

The Activity Barn - McCall, Idaho

Stay calm while having fun at The Activity Barn. Each of the six 800-foot runs features an 85-foot vertical drop but within the comfort of a mini half-pipe that will have you screaming in delight, not fear.

SnowHaven Credit Facebook

Snowhaven Ski and Tubing Hill - Grangeville, Idaho

1,100 foot runs? Are you kidding? This Central Idaho hill is the longest tubing run in Idaho

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