This weekend, my teenage kids are coming to visit and I’m looking for stuff to do with them that will get them excited about their upcoming move to Boise from Las Vegas.  As a new resident, I started my search on Google but no one knows the stuff that teens are into like the parents or family of teens.  Here’s what I’ve found or have experienced so far in my short time here and if you could throw in your suggestions, I’d be forever grateful.   


Grinkers Grand Palace 

This is a place in Eagle that has a ton of 80’s arcade games.  This could be fun for them and a walk down memory lane for me. 

Big Al’s 

From the moment you walk into Big Al’s you know you’re in a cool spot.  It’s big, lots of bowling lanes and one room dedicated to cosmic bowling all the time.  The arcade looks good but the only experience I've had here was watching my favorite team lose on the big screens at the sports bar.

Fast Lane Indoor Kart Racing 

There is nothing more exciting than the speed of kart racing and then to watch your kids, who make fun of you for driving like a grandparent, eat your dust as you pass them on a straightaway, is priceless!  This looks like a cool place to do that. 

Wahooz Mini-Golf  

I’m sure that Roaring Springs will be a fun place to tale them this summer, but until then my guess is that the miniature golf here is really good.  I’m definitely taking them here because anytime I can beat my kids at anything, I’m in.  My wife thinks that I should let them win but that’s not teaching them how to handle the real world, right? 

That’s my list so far.  What else can you think of that mid to late teens enjoy doing in the Treasure Valley? 

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