For pretzel lovers across the globe, today is a special day for you! It's National Pretzel Day! National Pretzel Day lands on April 26, and they surprisingly got their start in the Catholic Church. My wife and I, our go-to appetizer or snack when out and about, is the pretzel. A warm pretzel with cheese and spicy mustard for dipping sauce hits the spot every time. 

What type of pretzel is your favorite? 

You may prefer a hard pretzel over a warm, soft, delicious pretzel that just came out of the oven, and that's okay. We are just going to focus on those warm pretzels that go great with your favorite beer, beer, cheese, and spicy mustard.

Photo by Hick Cattleham on Unsplash
Photo by Hick Cattleham on Unsplash

Actually, for the first time when we were in Seattle this past weekend, the pretzel platter we got came with butter. The pretzel dates back to 7th-century Catholic Churches when abstinence and fasting during Lent were much stricter. Back then, for Lent, you were forbidden from consuming dairy, eggs, or meat which led to the creation of the pretzel, which was easy to prepare. 

So who has the best pretzels in the Boise area? 

That's a tricky question to answer. Unfortunately, there are not very many people that are giving reviews about pretzels at restaurants or bars specifically. So that brings me to my next question. 

How many places have pretzels on their menus in Boise? 

I wish I could answer that question for you, but below, you'll find as many places that I possibly could help narrow your search for the best pretzel in the Treasure Valley.

If you know of a place that has pretzels that aren't on this list, please let me know,

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