A neighborhood in East Boise is seeing a beautiful transformation. Fifteen-thousand daffodils are blooming at the southwest corner of Barber Drive and Old Hickory Way. Each one representing only a small fraction of the million of people killed during the holocaust.

Yesterday was National Holocaust Remembrance Day, and according to KTVB, a dedication ceremony was held at the neighborhood to honor all of those lost during World War II. Harris Ranch Homes paid for the blooms that were planted in November and will bloom every spring for a few months.

So why these specific flowers? Harris Ranch spokeswoman, Amanda Watson, tells KTVB:

The actual daffodil itself looks very similar to the Star of David that the Jewish people had to wear to designate them as such during the Holocaust [...] And this is a nice living reminder of how delicate life can be, and how fragile life is, even if you do have things a little better off today. And we're very fortunate to have that.

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