Pilots couldn't land at Boise Airport because the Air Traffic Controller was asleep.  Why he was asleep will blow you away!


The whole thing is now under this big investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration but it looks like the old saying "Are You Sleeping On The Job" was literally what happened.


At 2:41 a.m. on November 19 Boise Police and paramedics were called out to the Air Traffic Control tower for a welfare check because pilots were getting no feedback while they were trying to land.  The pilots tried multiple frequencies, telephone, and the emergency red phone... but, nothing.


The police used spotlights and emergency sirens and air horns to alert the tower of their presence and still... nothing.


Eventually another air traffic controller showed up and let police in.  That's when they noticed the smell of marijuana and the air traffic controller on duty seemed slow and confused.  He seemed as if he had just woke up.  Boise Police conducted a brief search of the premises but found nothing.


The air traffic controller admitted to sleeping but not to any other wrong doing.  The FAA is conducting a thorough investigation.