Locally owned, operated, and celebrated for over 40 years in downtown Boise, Humpin' Hannah's is nothing shy of a "Boise Staple".  For years, Hannah's has been THE bar to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary--even a divorce. The bar's feel-good vibes and ever-so generous rockstar, Rocci Johnson, keep locals and visitors coming back time and time again.

Is This Boise Bar Really Idaho's 'Raunchiest'?

If we to describe this downtown Boise bar that was recently featured by Barstool Sports, the word "raunchy" really wouldn't even come to mind. The bar, home to many fun nights and a safe space for everyone, is just another place that makes Boise so special.
As featured by Barstool Sports, however, the internet just can't get enough of THIS popular nightlife destination...

Catch the entire feature on Humpin' Hannah's and our good friend Rocci Johnson, below: 

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