So there's no reason you should be single just because you're obsessed with cats anymore. Find real, cat loving singles right here in the Treasure Valley!

I've always hated the stereo type of single, sad, lonely cat people. It's ridiculous. By the way, I'm a dog guy, but I think I'm just an animal person in general 'cause I'm down with cats too. I think they're sassy and cool, and very highly evolved predators.

Now, you can find someone who loves cats just as much as you do, and not only does it offer the regular stuff like seeing if you are compatible with the other person, but also, lets you share photos and videos and describe your cat to make sure you and your potential date's cats get along. This is a win, win!

The app is Tabby Dates, and it just launched on International Cat Day, so you may need to give it a bit before seeing a ton of Treasure Valley fellow feline friends, but check it out!

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