After a long day's work, there's something therapeutic about downing your favorite beverage with a delicious (and perfectly cooked) steak. Sure, you could finish your day with a burger, finger steaks, or heck, even fish.

But a perfect steak is where it's at... and today, we're looking for the best.

What's a "perfect steak"?

Ah yes, the great debate... what is a "perfect steak"? We asked around and one of the most common answers that we got was that a steak should have "a little bit of pink/red." We didn't come across one person who said that a steak should be served well-done.

Of course, if well-done is how you take your steak, that's totally on you.

Also - if you take your steak well-done, should you even have a say-so about where to find the best steak in the Treasure Valley?

We didn't think so either.

We sifted through reviews on America's favorite review site, Yelp, and sorted out the top five places to enjoy a delicious steak.

Who do you think is number one with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating? Let's take a look at what the reviews say...

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Maybe it's not a steak that you're craving! Perhaps you're craving something a little different but not that far off - seafood.

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Did your favorite spot make the cut?

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