A disabled Boise man is dead after suffering severe burns from a hot bath that his health aide from A Caring Hand Home Health Care but him in. 

Benjamin Reed was 38 years old and had lost the ability to walk and take care of himself due to neurological disease, Huntington's Disease. It's a fatal, incurable, genetic disorder that breaks down the nerve cells in the brain. According to an article in the Idaho Stateman, Reed was hospitalized on May 16th and transported to a burn unit in Salt Lake City where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries on May 27th.

Boise Police have been investigating from the time the incident occurred but no charges have been filed as of Monday.

The caregiver in question had only been with A Caring Hand Home Health Care for two and a half weeks.

Instead of calling 911 immediately, Reed was transferred from the tub to a bedroom and the worker called Reed's roommate and his Mother. Reed could apparently be heard crying and screaming in the background.

An internal investigation is being conducted at A Caring Hand and they are calling the incident a "tragic accident." In the state of Idaho workers like the one who was caring for Reed do not need a license or formal education in health care, but must pass a criminal background check plus some training and certification.

Please keep all who loved Ben in your thoughts and prayers.

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