Boise Mayor Lauren McLean held nothing back today in a written statement criticizing the Idaho House of Representatives. The mayor explicitly targets the vote to send HB 675 to the Senate after an emotional debate on the House floor this week.

The bill would outlaw gender transformation surgeries for Idaho minors. Democrats in the minority voted against it while the Republicans overwhelmingly voted for the measure.

The bill now moves to the Senate, where a committee will review it and take a vote on whether or not the bill will proceed to the Senate floor for a vote. If the bill passes the Senate, the governor will have to decide if he will sign the bill into law, veto it, or allow it to become law without his signature. You can read our complete coverage of the House vote here.  

In my over twelve years of covering Idaho politics, I cannot recall when the Boise mayor issued a statement condemning a piece of legislation. McLean is in her first term as Boise mayor. She recently shared in another written statement that she and others have received too many severe threats against her welfare.  

McLean's statement begins with a defense of transgender youth. 

"I am committed to ensuring every kid in Boise has a chance to grow up safe. House Bill 675 does the opposite and not only endangers kids in Boise, but across Idaho," said Boise Mayor Lauren McLean. 

"Transgender youth are under an incredible amount of stress that often leads to depression and suicide. Age-appropriate, medically necessary, best practice gender affirming health care can save their lives. But this bill would make that care illegal and attempts to question and scrutinize the very existence of transgender youth, who are our family members, friends, and neighbors."

"I hope the Idaho Senate respects these young people, their parents, and their doctors enough to allow them to make these decisions themselves without legislative interference. Boise is a welcoming city. Legislation like this does not have a place in this community or in this state."

McLean's statement echos the social media postings of other prominent progressive members of the Boise City Council.  

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