13-year-old Anika, 11-year-old Logan, & 8-year-old Gwyneth are the three victims of this deadly crash by their mother, 40-year-old Noel Bankhead who purposely drove her SUV off a cliff and into Lucky Peak Reservoir.

KTVB reported today that the investigation on this crash that happened on June 2, 2016 has finally concluded that Bankhead purposefully drove her Land Rover off the sharp dropoff on the side of East Spring Shores Road, near the Idaho 21 bridge over Lucky Peak, commonly known as the High Bridge.

Being a parent, I can't possibly imagine what goes through someone's head to get them to this point.  When you step back and look at tragic events like what happened in Las Vegas or Sandy Hook or that Twin Falls mother that beat her baby to death and then something like this... you just cannot make any sense of it.  Don't even try.  There is no sense to be made.  No motive or story or excuse can allow me to understand.  These are selfish people who are far beyond just being sick.

When Bankhead drove her SUV off the 50 foot cliff, the impact when striking the water caused severe blunt force trauma which led to the drowning of the three children.  Witnesses literally saw Bankhead stop her vehicle and point it towards the cliff, then accelerated with absolutely no brakes at any time.  There was also no evidence of mechanical failure to the vehicle.

An autopsy showed that Bankhead had no alcohol or medication in her system at the time of the crash so that's been ruled out.

At this time all we can do is pray for those three little angels that are now safe with God and pray for all those family members and loved ones they left behind.  They are the ones truly suffering now.  God be with you.

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