It seems innocent enough, my kids play on it all the time, but it is gone from my phone, and you should delete it right now! Here's why.

It's called "" Kids dub in dance moves and lip-sync to their favorite songs that they can share with their friends.

Sounds innocent enough. Right?! Wrong!!

The problem is if you search certain code words explicit content comes up.

According for KTVB some of the video's show children flashing and stripping for the camera. That's not all. Other videos promote eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide.

Even more concerning, there is a chat feature on the app which I had no idea even existed!

I strongly feel that we as parents have to be hyper aware of the content our kids are viewing online. So many times I have thought games or apps were innocent only to discover they are not. says they are working to remove inappropriate content but if I were you I'd delete the app off your devices right now or block your kids from using it until we get word that the content has been cleaned up.