Doesn't sound like a big deal...until you find out how much damage these two thugs caused.

According to Boise PD, two men were arrested for a vandalism spree involving BB guns that racked up over $50,000 worth of damage. Yes, these guys did fifty THOUSAND dollars worth of damage with some BB guns. More specifically, one man was charged with malicious injury to property, and the other aiding and abetting malicious injury to property. For those playing along at home, yes those are both felony charges.

How did they do all that damage? Boise PD explains:

The evidence showed that while Michael Walsh drove, David Hochstetler fired a BB out the passenger window on multiple occasions. The suspect’s vehicle, a dark blue two-door Ford Explorer with a temporary license plate, matched the description given to police by witnesses.

The hoodlums busted out windows of vehicles on the street, and numerous local businesses. Don't go thinking these two are new to the game. Both men were taken into custody on unrelated charges.

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